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Do you like nike air jordan

Do you like nike air jordan? Do you know the the origin of it? air jordan 7 french blue, Now let me tell you something.

In 1984, nike company is a shoes company that struggle for survival. This phenomenon has caused by the recession of running shoes which have promoted their sales in previous years. So they needed a way to protect and reinvent themselves, in order to develop a new market. At the same time, the rookie player Michael Jordan has signed a variety of products, but Nike company hope to promote the company's sale by useing his fame. air jordan retro 13, But Jordan had other ideas, he preferred adidas and the Converse shoes which accepted the North Carolina coach. But the two company not interested in providing him better treatment than Nike. At first, Jordan did not see the significance offered by Nike, but his agent David falk did, he find a chance, he proposal nike to build a new line of shoes called "nike air jordan", and urged Jordan to give Nike a chance. When air jordan shoes launched, it was great accepted by consumers, today it has became one of the most popular shoes.

If you are a sports fan, I suggest you to buy a pair, they are really good. air jordan retro 6, High quality materials, advanced technology and fashionable design makes it provide you not only comfortable and safe and fashion. If you are afraid of the price of its, I suggest you can come to our nike jordan online store. We provide you 100% official shoes at a good price.